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"The Christmas appeal has already started raising a wonderful amount of money. You did this Julie! You are making the world a better place! I can’t find the words to express how grateful I am." 

~Anna, UK fundraiser

"The Christmas appeal has already started raising a wonderful amount of money. You did this Julie! You are making the world a better place! I can’t find the words to express how grateful I am." 


~Anna H., Fundraiser (UK)

I Wish I Had This Service Years Ago When I Was Responsible for Writing the Fundraising Appeals at a Nonprofit.

I Didn't Then. But You Do Now!

You Can Transform Your Next Appeal With a Professional Appeal Rewrite.


Dear Fundraising Friend,

I already know something about you.

You are kind, resilient, and committed to your cause. 

How do I know this?

Because you have been tasked with one of the most important jobs on earth: raising funds to do more good in the world. It takes a special person like you to make change happen... despite your organization's limited resources.

Whether fundraising is your main role or one of the many things you do, please know that you are in the right place, right here.

You're here likely because you want one or more of the following things:

  • The assurance that your appeal is compelling to donors

  • The best shot at immediately increasing your revenue

  • Better donor retention to fuel your day-to-day work

  • More donors upgrading to higher giving levels

  • An example by which to develop your own skills and supercharge your career

  • Less anxiety, fewer frustrations, and much more confidence

If you're nodding your head "yes" to any of those, you're about to make one of the best decisions for your fundraising this year.

Here's why:

An objective, custom rewrite of your fundraising appeal can lift your good appeal to one that is FANTASTIC. 

And let's face it: You have a deep connection to the mission — you live and breathe your work every day. So you know the complicated processes and programs intimately... as if it's a part of you.

But sometimes, you may find it hard to know exactly what you should be telling your donors. 
Knowing as much as you do can hinder your ability to step back and find the weak points in your donor communications.

And the weak points in your letter mean many of your donors aren't connecting with your fundraising message. So they ignore your appeal... leaving you with less money for your cause.

That's why you hire a fundraising copywriter like me to give you a professional rewrite of your appeal letter: to help you present your message in such a way that your donors say, "Yes, I matter. They need my gift today!" 

When you order an appeal copy rewrite, I will transform your copy with an approach that is proven, effective, and results-based, and built on the fundamentals: research, testing, and experience. 

illustration of woman of color sitting at a desk typing on a laptop

For you, there's no more guessing. No more wasting time. No more reinventing the wheel. Just your appeal polished to a shine by a fundraising copywriting professional... which you can put to use immediately.

Want to know the best part?

The value of this copy rewrite goes beyond the appeal you are working on right now.

Sure, this copy rewrite will help protect your investment in the many expenses (e.g., printing, mailing, staff time) of your upcoming campaign.

But you'll also be able to apply what you've discovered from just this one copy rewrite to ALL your future fundraising writing.

It's a small investment that keeps delivering success for you!

I look forward to rewriting your fundraising appeal in a way that will be meaningful to donors... and bring in more money to meet your goals.

So, if this is what you want for your cause and your career, then keep reading because we are going to dig even deeper.

But First, A Warning

This copy rewrite service is ideal for both new fundraisers and long-time professionals who want an alternate take on their appeal letter — AND for those people who need help to increase revenue with an existing appeal letter that is no longer working.

This service also enables you to sample my freelance copywriting services at far less cost than you'd pay me to write your donor communications from scratch.

Ready to discover how to make more money with your appeal letter?

Find Out if an Appeal Copy Rewrite Is Right for You

Do Any of These Scenarios Ring True for You?

 πŸ””  You are under a lot of pressure to reach your fundraising goals. If only you could skip all the years of trial and error and write an appeal that raises money like gangbusters.  

πŸ””  You didn’t choose nonprofit work because you enjoy writing letters asking people for money. All you want is reliable revenue so you can spend more time focusing on the work you love.

πŸ””  You lie awake at night wondering how you will raise enough money to pay the organization’s bills. You know many nonprofits raise lots of money with their appeals... and you want to be one of them.

πŸ””  You think your donor communications aren’t bad, but you have a hunch something is missing. With the right messaging to donors, you know you’ll be able to do your job better and move the mission forward.

πŸ””  You often feel like you are on the fundraising hamster wheelYou tirelessly go around and around, making very little progress. You need the shortest path to getting supporters to give more… and more often.    

If any of those examples ring a bell, then read on. 

As a nonprofit leader, you aim to make a life-changing impact on those you serve. But to do that, you need to raise money. The more money you raise, the more lives you can change. 

Your donor communications play a crucial role in ongoing, consistent revenue. You need to connect your donors to an urgent problem and show them that you will put their values into action with their forthcoming gift.

No matter the type of cause your nonprofit supports, you can create a money-raising appeal.

I can help when you order your fundraising appeal rewrite.

You Face a Sobering Reality About Donor Behavior

It's grim news.

Donor retention rates hover around 45%. Unfortunately, this means that you need to replace more than half of your donors every year just to stay even.

It gets worse.

Of first-time donors, four out of five never give a second gift. They give up.

But there’s hope.

If you can earn a second gift from a donor, their retention rate more than triples. And organizations that are focused on showing donors the good they’ve unleashed into the world always do better. 

It all starts with a strong fundraising appeal and continues with gratitude and consistent reporting on the good the donor has helped unleash into the world.

Luckily, you can get help with your next appeal. So stop wasting precious time with a mediocre appeal and make it the best it can be!

Are you ready to begin a custom pro rewrite of your fundraising appeal?

Imagine Sending Powerful, Money-Raising Appeals

If you send the kind of appeals that donors respond to best, you will...

  • Stop wasting time wondering if your appeal is good enough. Instead, you’ll feel confident that you're sending a powerful fundraising message to donors.

  • Finally have enough money to pay for the programs and projects that have been sitting on the back burner. You’ll be making a bigger difference faster.
  • Be proud you're developing stronger bonds with donors. They’ll joyfully support your cause, again and again.

  This is all within your reach when you take action now. 

You Could Continue What You've Been Doing

You could ignore the lower-than-desired revenue your hard work has generated in the past… kick the can down the road a while longer. Hope it resolves itself.

But if you ignore your problem, it just gets worse.  

What most people do when preparing their fundraising communications is rush to lightly edit their old, underperforming appeals… hoping donors will magically respond, this time. After all, you are busy with other responsibilities.

So what happens if you do nothing?

If you continue down the same path, you’ll get the same results you’ve gotten in the past. Or worse… the ever-rising tide overwhelms you. Then your donations tank. And programs, projects, and jobs need to be cut… maybe even your own.

Help Is on the Way

What are you missing that would really speak to a donor's heart?

That's what I'm here for. I'm here for you. And I'm ready to give you the copy you've been missing.

Now is the perfect time to turn the tide for yourself... and to have your fundraising appeal rewritten.

Who Am I?

If you are not familiar with me already, hello! I'm glad you're interested in a professional rewrite of your fundraising appeal.

I'm Julie Cooper, a fundraising copywriter for great causes. I write compelling donor communications and guide my clients to strengthen their fundraising messages so they can raise more money.

I’ve written for organizations of all sizes: from nonprofits with well under $1 million in revenue to large nonprofits that bring in $250+ million per year.

Julie standing in front of a red barn door with her arms folded

I've had the privilege of leading a foundation as the president, and I've held various roles on a board of directors, including board chair. And after spending years as a VP of sales and marketing for a corporation, I became the principal of my own copywriting and marketing agency.

I'm a Fundraisingologist with Moceanic and a tutor in the Fundraising Copywriting certificate program at the Institute for Sustainable Philanthropy, from which I earned her certificate in Philanthropic Psychology with distinction.

So, I understand—from many perspectives—your fundraising and communications challenges. I'm here to help you.

Personally speaking, I live in the Chicago metro area. I married my high school sweetheart (a former novel writer and middle school English teacher, and now my fundraising writing partner), and we have four nearly-grown sons... plus two sweet dogs.

Helping people like you achieve your fundraising and career goals is my passion. I look forward to being at your service so you can send an appeal that succeeds beyond what you thought possible.

testimonial image of Laura

"Julie saved me hours of work and increased our donations and supporters." 

~Laura Flamion,  Operations Manager, DuPage County Animal Services

Wouldn't it be great?

If you could breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your appeal review gives you the feedback you need to send the best fundraising piece possible?

That's exactly what you can do right now, if you order an appeal copy rewrite.

How to Achieve Success With Your Appeal Copy Rewrite  

The plan is simple. Here are the 3 steps to fast-track your appeal's success.

Step 1

Order Your Appeal Review

After making your payment, send me an email with your appeal letter draft.

Step 2

Send Your Pro Appeal Rewrite

Within a week, you'll receive your custom pro rewrite. Send it out and breathe easy as you get back to focusing on what you do best.

Celebrate Your Success!

And reap the benefits of increased revenue and stronger supporter connection.

As You Get Ready to Make a Decision...

Please know you are doing amazing work. The world is a better place because of you. Thank you for your big heart and dedication.

I understand that there are many reasons why you might be seeking an appeal copy rewrite from me. The top reasons include:

  • You might not have enough relevant experience. Maybe your expertise is in another area, and you wonder if your fundraising appeal has a good chance of succeeding. Or, you're new to fundraising and want to benefit from the direct-response tactics and strategies that will help your organization and boost your career.

  • You might not have enough "distance." You can be a long-time fundraising professional and still be too close to your copy to see the weak points. Because when you’re deeply involved mentally and emotionally in your cause, your message can become overly complicated — causing confusion and inaction.

  • You're just too busy right now. Maybe you have plenty of experience and you are objective when you write your fundraising materials. But you just don't have the time to take your appeal from rough draft to final draft. You could use a professional fundraising copywriter to that ensure your organization is sending the strongest appeal possible.

No matter your reason, I I am here for you -- to make your fundraising appeal the best it can be.

Are you ready?

I invite you to begin now. 


From $997

One-time investment

  • Your Appeal Rewritten by a Professional Fundraising Copywriter

    Your 2-page appeal letter draft will be transformed into a read-to-send, highly polished final draft.

  • Your Other Pack Materials Reviewed with Actionable Feedback

    Your reply device, envelopes, and inserts will be reviewed and you will be given suggestions for effective integration with your appeal letter final draft.

  • Is Your Appeal letter Draft Longer Than 2-Pages?

    No problem. The base price of $997 is for a 2-page appeal letter and its associated pack materials. For each additional appeal letter page, just add $200 to your cost. 


This Appeal Copy Rewrite Shouldn't Cost You a Dime

That’s right. This appeal letter rewrite shouldn’t cost you even ten cents.

It should MAKE your organization money.

Money to cover your expenses: core mission support, program services, projects, everything. Learning the weak points in your donor communications will help you build better relationships with your supporters... today and for years to come!

In other words, an appeal copy rewrite should be an investment that pays you back starting immediately.

Of course, if we are going to be honest with each other, I cannot guarantee that your appeal will succeed. I have no idea what you will or will not do with the copy I rewrite for you. 

I don’t know anything about your donor list. Are your donors active? Have you been nurturing them? Do they feel a strong kinship with your cause and your organization? Factors like this affect the success of a campaign.

But here's the good news:

The odds will be heavily stacked in your favor because your rewritten copy will have applied proven direct-response fundraising strategies. Making sure your appeal is compelling and sends the right message to donors is a great start!

And that's my greatest hope for you and your organization. I want you to grab this opportunity with both hands to make the most of your next fundraising appeal. I can't wait to see you crush your targets so you can do more good for your cause.

My Commitment to You

When I rewrite your appeal letter, I’m making a commitment to you.

A promise.

I promise to give you the very best of myself and my copywriting, money-raising, and donor relationship-building expertise.

I promise I’ll do everything in my power to write copy that will help you achieve your goals.

I promise to help you unlock the amazing compassion and generosity donors want to share.

But you have to take the first step.

It's Decision Time

You have a choice to make:

Do what you’ve been doing... or worse, do nothing at all. (But you know where that will lead. Is that really what you want?)

Or: take a new action, and you'll get a new result!

You can finally get your appeal letter in the best shape possible to connect with donors and raise more money.

So, it's up to you. Which do you really want for yourself and your nonprofit?

Here’s what to do now: Scroll down and complete the form. We will reply within 24 hours. After you make your payment and send us your appeal letter draft, we'll get to work. And then, within one week, you'll have your appeal rewritten by a professional fundraising copywriter... returned to you in final draft form, ready to go!

I can't wait to read your appeal and make it the very best it can be!

All my best,

 Julie Cooper
Fundraising Copywriter

 If you want a new result with your fundraising appeal, take the first step toward a different future and place your order for an appeal letter rewrite today. Scroll down, complette the form, and begin now.

Order Your Fundraising Appeal Rewrite

To order your Professional Fundraising Appeal Rewrite, first fill out this form. Then check your email inbox.

You will receive an email with additional details.

You will be asked to reply to the email and attach your appeal letter draft and associated pack copy.

We will then send you an invoice based on the number of pages your appeal letter draft is.

Your cost for a 2-page Appeal Letter Rewrite is: $997.

(If your Appeal Letter draft is longer than 2 pages -- double spaced; 1-inch margins; 12-point font or larger -- add a cost of $200 for each additional page.)

As soon as we receive your payment, we will get right to work. You will receive your professionally rewritten, highly polished Appeal Letter final draft within one week of that time.

"Julie's one of the greatest fundraising copywriters you'll ever meet. To quote Carly Simon, Nobody does it better.”

RACHEL MUIR  Fundraising Key Note Speaker, Trainer, and Founder, League of Extraordinary Fundraisers