What your nonprofit NEEDS to know to
set up an unrelenting charitable-bequest pipeline

The Delicate (tho Highly Lucrative)
Art of Asking for that Final Gift


The Delicate (tho Highly Lucrative) Art of Asking for that Final Gift


Has your org. ever seen one of these?

BELOW: an actual charitable bequest . . .

Yes, it's real ... a gleeful charity shared this image with me back in 2020. They'd set up a proper bequest pipeline a few years earlier. Now that pipeline routinely produces major final gifts from true believers.

PS: NOT an isolated case.

Would your org like a similar STREAM of charitable bequests?

I'm guessing the answer is, 
"Just tell me how, Tom!"

Well, I WILL tell you how. 
But you'll have to invest some of your time ... and a bit of your money: $139 to be exact.


What is the title of this comprehensive webinar?

How to Market Bequests:
The Delicate (tho Highly Lucrative) Art
of Asking for that Final Gift

IF you join the crowd at my super-webinar on Thursday, January 26, 2023 (again: 1.5 hours of training + unlimited Q&A) ... you'll learn exactly what YOUR nonprofit NEEDS to know, to set up an unrelenting charitable-bequest pipeline.

You will absorb world-sourced, true-expert, best-practice advice re: how to market bequests. This treasury of advice might well change your charity's goals and expectations forever.

Above, I called the $139 price tag for this webinar (and its extraordinary Q&A) an "investment."

Here's why . . .

Insert sound of Tom humming; the click of calculator keys being tappedLet's see: if you take that $75,000 maybe-bequest check, like the one shown above ... then you divide it by that $139 webinar admission fee, then, ummmm, your Return On Investment (ROI) would be ...

... your REAL (ummmmm) ROI is .... {hum, tap, grrr, tap, tap, GRRR!} Oops, sorry. My dog ate my calculator. Oh, sure; be unkind: tell the world > Tom Ahern stinks at math. All I DO know is that the ROI for bequest marketing is pretty darn gargantuan! You'll spend a penny. You'll reap countless charity dollars. OK, the heck with it. Let's just frankly consider your potential profit:

(1) NOW you learn what you need to know; you invest $139 in this webinar;

(2) THEN you set up a rudimentary (does NOT have to be great) bequest-marketing program (a program that can be remarkably simple, as you'll find out);

AND (3) in as little as 24-36 months (research shows), your new pipeline delivers its first bequest ... maybe for $75,000 (as seen above). Lower expectations? What's the average legacy gift size in America these days? Recent data says $40,000+ = ALSO major-gift worthy. And --- wow! --- you've established a pipeline ... which can flow forever! How cool is that!

NOW I'd like to spend a clandestine, private moment with the career-motivated & truly ambitious (yeah, you).

ADD legacy knowledge to your TOOL box.

Even if your current charity employer isn't up to the task of building a bequest pipeline ... with this webinar + bottomless Q&A ... you personally will acquire a superb, proven skill-set that's transferrable to your next, far-better-paying position.

After this webinar ... you can confidently sayI know how to market bequests ... and here's why that matters! Offer that to your next employer ... and see what happens to your career prospects & salary & job satisfaction . . .


It took me 20 years to gather from the world's best legacy experts what you'll learn during this richly illustrated 1.5-hour super-webinar ...

... and let's not forget the unlimited Q&A immediately after!!!

Be prepared: this Q&A is different.

After the previous Ahern webinar, our pioneering bottomless Q&A ran for more than 4 hours ... with multiple experts chiming in.


[We've enlisted a star GIFTS IN WILLS expert to chime in with research-based bequest expertise, BTW! Who? Dr. Russell James! You should follow his work on LinkedIn.] 

Is YOURS someone's favorite charity?


HEY! Calling all you beloved charities: Do NOT wait. Now's the time for HEAVY bequest marketing.

You recall the following headlines?

The global pandemic drove lots of North American (AND elsewhere!!!) households to make and update their wills.

So ... what is your charity waiting for?

(Come on: A confirming, angelic trumpet blast from the clouds? Really??)


With compassionate households, new and revised wills often include considerations about favorite charities.

First TIP Regarding bequest marketing? Don't talk about death. It's irrelevant. Those who are very-much-alive put you in their wills. As top legacy expert Richard Radcliffe loves to remind his audiences worldwide: "Bequests are life-driven, death-activated...."

Second TIP? It's the easiest money your charity will ever raise. The people who will honor your mission with a gift in their estate plans already LIKE (maybe even LOVE) you. With your pipeline in place, bequests become almost a sure thing.

Third TIP? Dear institutional charities: The term "planned giving" may be costing you gifts. Why? Because a "planned giving" label violates Marketing 101. Find out more during the webinar. This webinar does NOT investigate CRUTs, CRATs and other "planned giving" exotica ... for good reason.

Fourth TIP? There's just one thing (research shows) why good people do NOT put a gift for a favorite charity in their wills. Marketing 101 ... again. And again: find out more during this well-researched webinar.

Fifth TIP? Seating for this mega-webinar isn't limited ... but the year is. This webinar will happen ONCE in 2023 ... on January 26. Don't debate too long before signing up for this popular, proven offering + its unlimited expert Q&A.

Of course, you'll wonder: "How good is Ahern's legacy super-webby. I mean really?"

Testimonials from past attendees:

🔴  "We doubled the number of people enrolled in our Legacy Society!" a mid-sized, young community foundation reported in 2020. Their average bequest amount is $1 million. They're adding 25+ new members each year to their Legacy Society ... thanks to their pipeline.

🔴  “This training is the perfect introduction for development professionals who are considering starting a planned giving program but have no idea where to start. You start with bequests – and you don’t treat them like 'planned giving!'” ~ Ann Callen, South Hills Interfaith Ministry

🔴  “Excellent starting point for any organization who wants to be developing bequests, and of course we all should be!” ~ Lorraine McCallum

🔴  “Very informative, loaded with ideas that can be put into action. I really enjoyed it and can't wait to put some of these ideas into action.” ~ Stefanie Long, Eagle Ranch

🔴  “Tom always has good examples of techniques that work and are easy to replicate.” ~ Robin Miner-Swartz, Capital Region Community Foundation

Science, not opinion

 As you will learn from the research shared in this 90-minute deep dive, your would-be bequest pipeline is NOT about "in-the-far-future dollars."

Actually, as nonprofits in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand have all discovered:

A properly constructed bequest pipeline begins flowing within two-to-four years ... and never stops, as long as your charity continues to do the minimal work involved!

Now you can learn the right way ... by adopting my approach, assembled from experts on three continents.

You'll be able to start next week.


 >>> PS: You can learn in 90 minutes what all ambitious, successful fundraisers need to know to make their appeals work far better. For $139 you'll sit in on an expert session unique on earth ... ask all the questions you care to ... then receive a recording ... and a handout you'll refer to for years.

Some good news on pricing, by the way: it's cheaper by the dozen.

You just need to buy one link to this webinar. If you want then to project that one link up on a big screen in front of your entire team: tens, scores, hundreds? Good for YOU!!! Many AFP chapters have done the same.

YOU MAY WONDER... Is this MEGA-webinar JUST for smaller nonprofits? Absolutely not! We work with some of the biggest nonprofit brands in North America. So ... if you have a big target audience, come on in! The same guidelines and tips WILL apply ... and even biggies will likely raise more money!


Date of delivery? Thursday, January 26, 2023

Time?  1:00 – 2:30 PM ET / 10:00 – 11:30 AM PT (Q&A comes after)

Trainer?  Tom Ahern

And who might that be?  "Tom Ahern is possibly the greatest non-profit copywriter on the planet." UK legacy guru Richard Radcliffe wrote in May 2021 / “Tom Ahern … is one of the country’s most sought-after creators of fund-raising messages.” The New York Times, Nov. 2016

Webinar price?  $139

Will I get access to the recording and slides?  YES! The training and Q&A session will be recorded and emailed to all registrants following the webinar! You don't need to attend the live session to get all the benefits of this training.

Will this expert's appeals webinar be offered again in 2023?  No. While updated frequently, it's offered as a MEGA-webinar just once each year.

SPECIAL OFFER to registrants:  Our UNIQUE all-you-can-eat Q&A: You'll have all your questions answered. At our previous webinar in September 2022, 91 questions rolled in after the 90 minutes of training. So that was 4 hours and 16 minutes of Q&A... answered joyfully to an eager crowd. (Of course, from time to time, we do get stumped with a unique question. It happens.) That's 5 hours and 46 minutes in total. Phew!!  


Check out this crystal ball 🔮

Dear fundraiser: 

If your predecessor had established this program 10 years ago, your nonprofit would now likely be SWIMMING in money ... and hence would NOT be scrambling for cash to keep the lights on.

Isn't it time that YOUR good cause finally planned for its future financial sustainability?

Tell your boss.

Tell your board.

With decades of love,

~ Tom ... or as Sim One often graced me, "My Tommy..."

What attendees said about Tom's webinars ...

✨ "This was an exceptionally good webinar—stuffed full of excellent content. I appreciate as well how generous Tom was with his time in answering questions from attendees. The questions elicited a bounty of additional insights."

✨ "This is just golden. Thank you all for sharing with us. It is wonderful of you to answer so many questions. What a growing, encouraging experience.”

✨ "They’re fired up now. We projected [your webinar] and invited the gang. Best money EVER spent."

✨ "You guys are fantastic! Thank you for sharing such helpful information.”

✨ "OMG, that answer was so helpful! Thank you, you guys are great. (Or should I say, you are my heroes}. Definition of a great webinar: these guys just made me laugh out loud after almost four hours of listening and watching!”

✨ "Thanks so much!! This was great, as all Tom Ahern presentations are.”

✨ "Thank you very much for this information. So fun to watch you fundraising experts geeking out on the ins and outs of these processes!”

✨ "Thank you! The Q & A was awesome. I will definitely have to listen to it again to get it all! :-)”

✨ "So many good tidbits and tons of illustrations."

✨ "I always love the examples he shows."

✨ "I'm a veteran communication designer but very new to fundraising. I found every bit of your webinar super informational and super actionable. That said, having concrete examples where you pointed out where a newsletter was effective and why was extremely useful. Thank you!"

✨ "So helpful to see examples of great work by other nonprofits."

✨ "I found it all very helpful."

✨ "Outstanding and extremely beneficial."

✨ "Webinar was exactly what I thought it would be, in a good way."

✨ "I was very happy with what I learned."

✨ "I really enjoyed the Q&A session at the end. It's long but I feel like other people bring up questions I wouldn't necessarily think to answer and get to glean the knowledge from the answers."

✨ "I found his session very helpful for my job."

✨ "This webinar was amazingly helpful. Thank you again for 'bringing it!'"

✨ "Tom is awesome!!! I always learn so much from him."

✨ "We are blessed to have you as a resource!"

✨ "Thank you for the great webinar!"



A good case for support is a prerequisite for record-busting success in ALL your fundraising ... whether it's your next grant application, your annual gala (especially if it's virtual), a new initiative ... or your all-important year-end appeal.

By the end of this 1.5-hour "outsized" webinar, attentive attendees will understand:

  • How case statements crucially differ from mission or vision statements ... and strategic plans

  • The "3 big questions" that must be answered in a strong case for support

  • Important charity-persuasion concepts like "Make it bigger!" and "Localism"

  • Why "Be brief/Be brilliant/Be gone" is great advice, suited to today's distracted audiences

  • The high purpose of offers (and what makes a good one)

  • The concept of "hugs" in donor communications

  • Whether "moral challenge" fundraising is right for you

By the end of this 1.5-hour "MEGA" webinar, attentive attendees will deeply appreciate why:

  • The 1st gift will always be the hardest ... and yet is SO promising

  • Most charities assume the wrong power dynamics. "She is not your donor. You are one of her charities"

  • "Emotions rule" (neuroscience, not opinion)

By the end of this 1.5-hour "super-sized" webby, attentive attendees will learn:

  • How nonprofits use annual reports effectively as stealth case statements

  • About Dr. Siegfried Vögele's discovery of "mental nods," key to persuasion

  • Why taking your prospects from point A to point B is crucial to campaign success

  • Why statistics are the weakest ammunition in your persuasion arsenal (for most prospects, though not all)

  • A proven, fool-proof 4-part appeal formula that made a UK agency rich and its nonprofit clients even richer (i.e., able to do much more good)

  • The world's simplest case-writing formula: problem/solution.

  • My personal process ... one that's created dozens of successful cases

On Thursday, March 24, 2022, at 1 PM Eastern ...
... in just a SINGLE intense super-sized 1.5-hour webinar ...
... you will learn how to create a case for support that captures people's imagination ... and inspires greater giving from existing donors!

Cost? $129

Will this popular webinar be offered again in 2022? 

Sorry: just this once.


Your moderator for Tom Ahern's Bequest Webinar...

Julie Cooper, Fundraising Copywriter

Tom Ahern

About Tom ... 

Tom Ahern is one of the world's foremost experts on fundraising communications.

Tom Ahern

Tom's clients include USA for UNHCR (fundraising for refugees), the Tomaquag Museum (Indigenous), Ithaca College, Lansing Arts (MI), the North Carolina Arboretum, the Marine Mammal Center (CA), the Institute for Sustainable Philanthropy (UK), Teach for America, the Sharp Healthcare system in San Diego, Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford University, Save the Children Global, and many more. His services for these various clients include case development, direct mail, donor newsletter development, donor comms audits, online course development and staff training.

Sorry, beagle [above] not included in training

Tom's specialty? Changing underperforming donor communications programs into moneymakers, using the latest discoveries in psychology and neuroscience. He has authored seven how-to books on donor communications (all highly rated on Amazon) and speaks internationally. He is a founding member of The Case Writers creative collective. His free how-to newsletter has more than 10,000 subscribers. His website is aherncomm.com.

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Tom Ahern's Webinar:

How to Market Bequests:
The Delicate (tho Highly Lucrative) Art
of Asking for that Final Gift

Tom says, "Give me 90 minutes and I'll show you how to boost your fundraising revenue with words and images."


Will I get access to the training recording and slides?
YES! The training and Q&A session will be recorded and emailed to all registrants following the webinar! You don't need to attend the live session to get all the benefits of this training.