Super-sized webinar with Tom Ahern ~ June 15, 2023

Great donor newsletters: digital & print. Retention's best friend.

(They can make SERIOUS money, too!)




Super-sized webinar with Tom Ahern ~ June 15, 2023

Great donor newsletters: digital & print. Retention's best friend.

(They can make SERIOUS money, too!)


TRUE CONFESSION from The Case Writers:

When the pandemic hit, interest in donor newsletters jumped, as charities sought ways around isolation. Tom Ahern led the creative teams behind two new and highly lucrative donor newsletters introduced during pandemic times. Both are print, coordinated with companion emails. Both are written in-house (after training and ever-lighter handholding).

One is for a national charity. It now raises almost a half-million in extra gifts each time it mails. (It took about 4 issues to get it right.)

The other, for a local California charity, makes $70K+ every time it mails. (Again, it took about 4 issues.) That adds up to more than a quarter-million dollars in added charitable revenue annually for a small-ish organization.

Interested? Oh, there's more...

In both cases, as the newsletters were under construction, staff was also being trained. Both these NOW successful donor newsletters are NOW written in-house.

You curious?

"Would you ... and your boss (maybe even your board!) like to know exactly how such stewardship "miracles" happen?"

Tom says, "Please, join me!"

In just a SINGLE intense super-sized 1.5-hour webinar (PLUS "All-You-Can-Eat" Q&A session) ... you will learn how to turn your organization's newsletter into a powerful stewardship tool that will increase donor retention and harvest added gifts

 June 15, 2023, Thursday, @ 1:00 PM Eastern US

Repeat in 2023? Sorry: There'll be just this one training session. This is your chance.

Special Guest? Yes! Tom will be joined by the one-and-only Rachel Muir, CFRE. Rachel is a speaker, trainer and nationally recognized nonprofit founder and thought leader. She LOVES stewardship and will be here to share her expertise and help answer your questions about retention and newsletters. 

What's the deal with the Q&A session?
 Our UNIQUE All-You-Can-Eat Q&A is a surefire way to get all your questions answered. At our previous webinar (on cases in March) questions rolled in for over 2 hours AFTER the presentation finished. It was enlightening and fun!

What if I can't be at the live webinar or need to leave early? No sweat! You will have the recording of both the webinar training AND the Q&A session at your fingertips as soon as a couple of hours after the end of the training. You will also get the slides, transcripts, and other resources.

Cost:  A million bucks of know-how ... for US$139 per computer connection (fill a hall with a big screen!)


Below: Some title slides from a previous newsletter training.

e 2023 edition is GONNA be an improvement from the 2022 edition ... because we have great new examples to show you ... and other fresh advice from front-line practitioners (like why some donor newsletters bring joy to donors ... yet ju$t break even per i$$ue) ... + we've learned a lot from our All-You-Can-Eat Q&A sessions!

(Yes! We serve newbies and seasoned pros alike!!!)

So ... my Dear Ambitious Colleague...

Can you really make serious money with a print donor newsletter ... in 2023?

If that strikes you as impossible, implausible ... maybe even ridiculous? ... get ready to accept the front-line  truth ... >>> ... and open your charity's eyes (and its fundraising coffers) to the amazing benefits of print (& digital emailed) donor newsletters.


Please join us for this exclusive, unique (nothing else like it worldwide) SUPERwebinar training event...

  •  In the comfort of your own office, listening live or to the recorded presentation... 

  •  In just 1.5 hours, you will learn how to turn your nonprofit's print newsletter into a powerful stewardship tool that will increase donor retention ... harvest added gifts ... and boost fundraising's most important metric: Donor Lifetime Value.

  •  You'll learn how a printed donor newsletter published by a Catholic diocese increased giving 317% in 2016, by switching from program-focused to donor-focused...

  •  You'll learn how Michelle Brinson's amazingly lucrative donor newsletter raised more than $2 million a year to benefit a homeless shelter in Tennessee, bringing in an ROI of almost $7 in giving for every $1 spent...

  •  You'll learn how a prison ministry increased giving to its newsletter 521% by adopting "extreme donor-centricity"...

  •  You'll learn why a simple shift in its way of talking increased giving to a hospital foundation's newsletter 1,000%, bringing in $50,000 in added gifts per issue...

  •  You'll learn how to correct the 7 common fatal flaws that kill most donor newsletters (in fact, many -- including yours? -- suffer from all 7 flaws!)...

  •  Are you ready to explore a bit deeper? 


You'll train with Tom Ahern, the international expert who literally WROTE THE BOOK on profitable donor newsletters.

"This was an exceptionally good webinar—stuffed full of excellent content. I appreciate as well how generous Tom was with his time in answering questions from attendees. The questions elicited a bounty of additional insights."

Dale W., Fort Worth, Texas


Covered in this SUPERwebinar: 

Donor Communications 101 (where newsletters fit into a relationship-building program), why your mom was wrong about flattery, how to deliver a sense of purpose (the secret to better donor retention), why your news can't all be happy talk, a profile of the average donor (do you really know whom you're talking to?), the incredibly successful Domain Formula for newsletters ... and much, more more.

You'll discover the FLAWS that kill response -- not enough warmth, telling the wrong story, too darn slow, lacks emotional gratification, makes poorly constructed offers, offers donors zero news that they'd actually care about, an ineffective "skimming" layer and just plain lousy headlines (right there, the kiss of death).

A SPECIAL MESSAGE for Executive Directors:

This is an organizational investment in getting your stewardship and relationship communications exactly right. 
(Almost guaranteed? No offense meant. But you've likely been doing it wrong.)

These lessons are about scientific insights. They apply to digital as well as print. They apply to annual reports as well as donor newsletters. And they apply to your websites as well.

This unique SUPERwebinar training event can easily pay for itself ... WHEN your charity executes its lessons and you release your "new and improved" donor-focused newsletter.


A good case for support is a prerequisite for record-busting success in ALL your fundraising ... whether it's your next grant application, your annual gala (especially if it's virtual), a new initiative ... or your all-important year-end appeal.

By the end of this 1.5-hour "outsized" webinar, attentive attendees will understand:

  • How case statements crucially differ from mission or vision statements ... and strategic plans

  • The "3 big questions" that must be answered in a strong case for support

  • Important charity-persuasion concepts like "Make it bigger!" and "Localism"

  • Why "Be brief/Be brilliant/Be gone" is great advice, suited to today's distracted audiences

  • The high purpose of offers (and what makes a good one)

  • The concept of "hugs" in donor communications

  • Whether "moral challenge" fundraising is right for you

By the end of this 1.5-hour "MEGA" webinar, attentive attendees will deeply appreciate why:

  • The 1st gift will always be the hardest ... and yet is SO promising

  • Most charities assume the wrong power dynamics. "She is not your donor. You are one of her charities"

  • "Emotions rule" (neuroscience, not opinion)

By the end of this 1.5-hour "super-sized" webby, attentive attendees will learn:

  • How nonprofits use annual reports effectively as stealth case statements

  • About Dr. Siegfried Vögele's discovery of "mental nods," key to persuasion

  • Why taking your prospects from point A to point B is crucial to campaign success

  • Why statistics are the weakest ammunition in your persuasion arsenal (for most prospects, though not all)

  • A proven, fool-proof 4-part appeal formula that made a UK agency rich and its nonprofit clients even richer (i.e., able to do much more good)

  • The world's simplest case-writing formula: problem/solution.

  • My personal process ... one that's created dozens of successful cases

On Thursday, March 24, 2022, at 1 PM Eastern ...
... in just a SINGLE intense super-sized 1.5-hour webinar ...
... you will learn how to create a case for support that captures people's imagination ... and inspires greater giving from existing donors!

Cost? $129

Will this popular webinar be offered again in 2022? 

Sorry: just this once.


Testimonials from Past Webinar Attendees

🔴  "I got so much value from your session. That was a Q&A to end all Q&As!! Love your work."


🔴  "Tom’s webinar taught me more than anything else I’ve learned in the five years I’ve been fundraising."

🔴  "Fantastic presentation, Tom!"

🔴  "This was an exceptionally good webinar—stuffed full of excellent content. I appreciate as well how generous Tom was with his time in answering questions from attendees. The questions elicited a bounty of additional insights." 


🔴  "So grateful to share this time and energy with you. YOU make my path easier and more lovely."


🔴 "You are all awesome. Thanks for your wisdom!"


🔴  "I ALWAYS learn something new with these webinars. Thanks for another great session! As always!"


🔴  "So many good tidbits and tons of illustrations."

🔴  "They’re fired up now. We projected your webinar and invited the gang. Best money EVER spent."

🔴  "I always love the examples he shows."

🔴  "I'm a veteran communication designer but very new to fundraising. I found every bit of your webinar super informational and super actionable.

🔴  "So helpful to see examples of great work by other nonprofits."

🔴  "I found it all very helpful."

🔴 "Great webinar! Thank you for the inspiration, knowledge and wisdom! All the best."


🔴  "Outstanding and extremely beneficial."

🔴  "Webinar was exactly what I thought it would be, in a good way."

🔴  "I was very happy with what I learned."

🔴  "I really enjoyed the Q&A session at the end. It's long but I feel like other people bring up questions I wouldn't necessarily think to answer and get to glean the knowledge from the answers."


🔴  "This webinar was amazingly helpful. Thank you again for 'bringing it!'"

🔴  "Tom is awesome!!! I always learn so much from him."

🔴  "We are blessed to have you as a resource!"

🔴  "Thank you for the great webinar!"


Our Special Guest Expert: Rachel Muir, CFRE

Rachel will be joining Tom's webinar to share her expertise and help answer your questions about stewardship, retention, and newsletters!


 When she was just 26 years old, Rachel Muir founded Girlstart, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering girls in math, science, engineering and technology. She started Girlstart in the living room of her apartment with $500 and a credit card.  Several years later she had raised over 10 million dollars and was featured on Oprah, CNN, and the Today show.

A winner of Oprah Winfrey’s Use Your Life award, Rachel is a three-time finalist for Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award, was named “Outstanding Fundraising Executive of the Year” by the Association of Fundraising Professionals, and one of Fast Company Magazines “Fast 50″ Champions of Innovation. 

Today, Rachel is a sought-after keynote speaker and trainer. She also teaches and coaches in The League of Extraordinary Fundraisers, her monthly membership program where she helps fundraisers land big gifts, delight their donors, and love their jobs.

Your moderator for Tom Ahern's Webinar

Julie Cooper, Fundraising Copywriter & Consultant
JB Cooper LLC |

"Tom Ahern is possibly the greatest non-profit copywriter on the planet."



The New York Times called Tom Ahern "one of America's most sought-after creators of fund-raising messages."

Tom Ahern

Tom Ahern is one of the world's foremost experts on fundraising communications.

His clients include USA for UNHCR (fundraising for refugees), the Tomaquag Museum (Indigenous), Ithaca College, Lansing Arts (MI), the North Carolina Arboretum, the Marine Mammal Center (CA), the Institute for Sustainable Philanthropy (UK), Teach for America, the Sharp Healthcare system in San Diego, Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford University, Save the Children Global, and many more.

His services for these various clients include case development, direct mail, donor newsletter development, donor comms audits, online course development and staff training.

Tom's specialty?

Changing underperforming donor communications programs into moneymakers, using the latest discoveries in psychology and neuroscience. He has authored seven how-to books on donor communications (all highly rated on Amazon) and speaks internationally. He is a member of The Case Writers creative collective. His free how-to newsletter has more than 10,000 subscribers. Sign up for his FREE how-to fundraising newsletter at

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Tom Ahern's Super-sized Webby

Great donor newsletters: digital & print. Retention's best friend.

(They can make SERIOUS money, too!)