Short Videos for Big Fundraising Results

These videos are snippets taken from the "All You Can Eat" 2-1/2 hour-long Q&A session Tom Ahern held after his mega webinar on donor newsletters on June 9th, 2022. Julie Cooper moderates.

The Length of Donor Newsletters

Jewanna asks: You mentioned not going over 8 pages. We [a major hospital system] produce a printed magazine, 6 pages, no envelope. Can these methods work for us? Tom Ahern answers this question. Julie Cooper moderates.

How Many Newsletters to Send in a Year

Kathy asks: How many newsletters should you send out in a year? Tom Ahern answers this question. Julie Cooper moderates.

Donor Newsletters ROI

Anonymous asks: How do you balance the cost of printing and cost of mailing against the ROI (donations)? Is there a percentage goal to set, like donations should, on average, cover the cost of the mailing, plus or minus 20%? Tom Ahern answers this question. Julie Cooper moderates.

Story Relevance in Donor Newsletters

Brook asks: Should we talk about projects that are not actually supported by donors? That are supported instead by grants or contracts ... with the same kind of donor-centered language we use when sending to constituents? Tom Ahern answers this question. Julie Cooper moderates.

Length of Letter from the ED/CEO in Donor Newsletters

Susan asks: What is the maximum word count relative to the overall newsletter length that the CEO column should be? Tom Ahern answers this question. Julie Cooper moderates.

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