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    What attendees said about Tom's last webinar...

    • "This was an exceptionally good webinar—stuffed full of excellent content. I appreciate as well how generous Tom was with his time in answering questions from attendees. The questions elicited a bounty of additional insights."

    • "So many good tidbits and tons of illustrations."

    • "They’re fired up now. We projected [your webinar] and invited the gang. Best money EVER spent."

    • "I always love the examples he shows."

    • "I'm a veteran communication designer but very new to fundraising. I found every bit of your webinar super informational and super actionable. That said, having concrete examples where you pointed out where a newsletter was effective and why was extremely useful. Thank you!"

    • "So helpful to see examples of great work by other nonprofits."

    • "I found it all very helpful."

    • "Outstanding and extremely beneficial."

    • "Webinar was exactly what I thought it would be, in a good way."

    • "I was very happy with what I learned."

    • "I really enjoyed the Q&A session at the end. It's long but I feel like other people bring up questions I wouldn't necessarily think to answer and get to glean the knowledge from the answers."

    • "I found his session very helpful for my job."

    • "This webinar was amazingly helpful. Thank you again for 'bringing it!'"

    • "Tom is awesome!!! I always learn so much from him."

    • "We are blessed to have you as a resource!"

    • "Thank you for the great webinar!"

    Has this ever happened to you?

    "They never got to my question!"

    We think we have a remedy...

    Last time, after the 90-minute Super-Webinar training, Tom answered all questions asked — 57 of them! — for as long as it took — 2.5 additional hours!

    Just think of the questions you might ask Tom at his next webinar on September 15th.

    A clip from the all-you-can-eat Q&A session after Tom's last webinar

    Jewanna asks: You mentioned not going over 8 pages. We [a major hospital system] produce a printed magazine, 6 pages, no envelope. Can these methods work for us? Tom Ahern answers this question. Julie Cooper moderates.