Tom Ahern's Newest Webinar:

How to Market Bequests:

The Delicate (tho Highly Lucrative) Art
of Asking for that Final Gift

 Webinar Date: Thursday, January 26
Time: 1:00 PM ET / 10:00AM PT


What attendees said about Tom's last webinar...

  • “This is just golden. Thank you all for sharing with us. It is wonderful of you to answer so many questions. What a growing, encouraging experience.”

  • “You guys are fantastic! Thank you for sharing such helpful information.”

  • “OMG, that answer was so helpful! Thank you, you guys are great. (Or should I say, you are my heroes}. Definition of a great webinar: these guys just made me laugh out loud after almost four hours of listening and watching!”

  • Thanks so much!! This was great, as all Tom Ahern presentations are.”

  • “Thank you very much for this information. So fun to watch you fundraising experts geeking out on the ins and outs of these processes!”

  • “Thank you! The Q & A was awesome. I will definitely have to listen to it again to get it all! :-)”

  • "This is the best $129.00 I've ever spent on training.”

  • “Thank you for a great marathon session!”

  • "GREAT webinar! Thank you! and thanks for the magnet! Cool add on! :)"

  • "I recently earned my CFRE and read a number of your wife's books (and yours) in the training process. Thank you for the opportunity to connect 'in person' via the webinar and share your wisdom with others ;-)"

  • "First time hearing Tom live or recorded - he's a hoot! GREAT webinar!"

  • "Excellent webinar! The BEST value I've ever received from any type of training."

  • "Thank you for a WONDERFUL session last week. I learned so much. :)"

  • "I am proud to be Trained by Tom Ahern!!!"

  • "Great webinar, thank you for all time to answer questions!"

  • "The entire webinar was helpful. I love seeing real world examples, good and bad. I was simultaneously creating our EOY campaign while watching, writing down ideas based on the good examples (and bad, frankly). The comment that digital fundraising is DM's buddy? Loved it - and it was great because my coworker (who was on the webinar - and believes it will do better than print) got to hear it from you."

  • "There was just soooo much good information and samples... Thank you for your generous sharing of content."

  • "Learned more than hoped- very thorough discussion!"

  • "Fantastic webinar - ALL AROUND! I stayed until the last moment and was tired, but sad to hang up too. For a visual for you, I had to travel between work sites during the last 90+ minutes or so. So, I dialed in, drove, and listened. At some points, I was talking back to you, and also yelling things like YES, or REALLY? You need words that invoke feelings? At many points I was clapping and cheering for some of the answers. Not sure what I looked like to vehicles passing by, but I didn't care ... it was a great webinar. And somewhere I suspect, a record for longest Q&A session ever. Thank you!"

  • "Best value of any training I've had in years."

  • "Truly, this was the best webinar I have attended in recent memory. Kudos!!"

  • "Many thanks for your time, effort and generosity in sharing your collective experience and knowledge."

  • "We had 11 people watching around our conference table - only 2 write appeals. Love Tom!!!"

  • "Thanks for a great session! I really appreciate all of you being willing to take on the questions!"

  • "It was awesome! Much appreciated and very useful right away."

  • "Thank you once again for a fabulous webinar and sharing your wisdom--good stuff. And thank you for your stamina--Amazing!"

  • "Thanks so much for this great training. No travel. NO conference fees. Just TOM."

  • "Thank you for being cool about sharing the webinar. I invited several of my colleagues and even a friend who does my same job at another non-profit. We all benefited! And I don't feel guilty about sharing the love. Thank you!"

  • "I am thoroughly enjoying watching the recording of the Q&A! Honestly, I don’t want it to end! Thank you ALL for the time you put into this webinar – it is chock full of information that I am putting into play for our year-end appeal!! Thank You!"

  • "Thank you so much for hosting the webinar. I'm still talking with my fellow fundraisers about what we discussed in the training. So grateful."

  • "That was such a wonderful event. I couldn’t get over how long you all stayed to answer questions. Big THANKS to all of you!"

Has this ever happened to you?

"They never got to my question!"

We think we have a remedy...

Last time, the Q&A went on for 4.25 hours of solid expert advice to 91 questions from attendees around the world — desperate to maximize their year-end appeal results. This time we're talking about the future but very charitable dead. You've seen zombie movies, right?

Just think of the questions you might ask Tom at his next webinar on January 26th!


A clip from the all-you-can-eat Q&A session after Tom's newsletter webinar

Jewanna asks: You mentioned not going over 8 pages. We [a major hospital system] produce a printed magazine, 6 pages, no envelope. Can these methods work for us? Tom Ahern answers this question. Julie Cooper moderates.