"You helped us rock our year-end appeal! Donations went from $13,968 last year to $66,694 this year!” ~Yeou-Chang Ma, Children’s Orchestra Society


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Julie Cooper

Julie is a fundraising copywriter, strategist, coach, and trainer. Her specialties include print and digital direct-response fundraising copywriting, annual planning, custom copywriting training, fundraising coaching, donor stewardship communications, and social media marketing.

Julie is also a Fundraisingologist with Moceanic and a tutor in the Fundraising Copywriting certificate program at the Institute for Sustainable Philanthropy, from which she earned her certificate in Philanthropic Psychology with distinction.

"My mantra for you: Donors who FEEL more CARE more and GIVE more. You can make that magic happen. I'd love to show you how. You deserve to spend much less time worrying about making money and much more time making the world a better place!"

Brett Cooper

Brett is a fundraising copywriter and strategist who began working alongside his wife, Julie, in 2021. 

Brett loves to leverage his 14 years of teaching experience and 30 years of storytelling experience to help nonprofits stir hearts to action.

"I'm convinced that the right words in the right order with just the right amount of heart can do magic. It's my mission to make that magic happen for you."

When we're not nerding out nonprofit-style...

We enjoy walking our dogs in the park, reading books while listening to vinyl, and catching up on Australian Survivor.

Before the pandemic, we were regular pub trivia players. Now, we often take turns playing and hosting weekly Zoom trivia games. 

Our family...

Although our kids are grown now, we love to find time for family adventures and hijinks when possible. 

Highlights include family dinners, charades, kayaking down a local river, ATVing in the deserts of Utah, and hiking hither and yon.

You and your donors heal the world every day.

We'll help you keep it that way.

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