Does your fundraising bring in as much money as it could?

You can send donor communications that stir hearts to action. We'd love to help. ❤️


Is your fundraising bringing in 
as much money as it could?

You can send 
donor communications 
that stir hearts to action. 
I'd love to help. ❤️

Your donors will:
FEEL more, CARE more, GIVE more.

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      We help nonprofit professionals like you get to the next level of revenue and impact with expert fundraising communications. 

      You can do more of the work you love, with more money for your mission — and transform more lives every day of the year.

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            You have big plans for your cause...

            The problem is, you're not raising as much money as you know you could. Finding someone with the expertise to write fundraising that attracts and retains donors can be challenging, especially with a limited budget to hire a full-time copywriting pro.

            Despite your best efforts, you may feel stuck on the fundraising hamster wheel, going around and around without making much progress. And feeling overwhelmed with your workload and targets.

            But there's good news: You can create powerful fundraising messages that meet donors where they are in their journey. We can help you plan and execute your donor communications projects so you can achieve your most ambitious goals.

            Contact us today to find out if partnering with us may be a good fit for you.

            You and your donors heal the world every day.
            We help you keep it that way. 

            "I'm buried alive with thanking all the donors coming in through these appeals! 😃 Overall, this was the most successful year-end campaign we’ve had. Our response rates and average gift rates were up and we learned some great executional pieces to help us next year! Thank you so much!”

              Marketing Director, Idaho Youth Ranch

            Julie's message to you about our fundraising writing services

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            Your Donor Comms Plan for 2023

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            Let us help you stir donors' hearts to action with expert donor communications and coaching! 

            Breathe easy! Focus on what you do best while we help you next-level your results!

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            You're in good company.
            We've worked with many cause-driven organizations, such as...  

            Forest & Bird, Idaho Youth Ranch, Silent Spring Institute, Orbis, United Way, Moceanic, Friends of the Blue Hills, The Sentencing Project

            4X your results too?

            "You helped us rock our year-end appeal! Donations went from $13,968 last year to $66,694 this year!”

            YEOU-CHANG MA, Children’s Orchestra Society

            We love our clients and handpick them carefully

            The relationship needs to be a good fit for everyone. We prefer focusing our attention on a small number of nonprofits. And our structure allows our clients many advantages. Here are a few...

            No long-term contracts that lock you in if it’s not working out for you. You can start with a trial project to see how we work together. We have a simple page-and-a-half agreement that covers the basics so everything is clear upfront.

            It's easy to work with us. Our billing makes it simple for you to get what you need when you need it. If one project needs to pause temporarily for whatever reason — no problem. We can quickly pivot to another consulting, writing, or training need.

            When you hire us, work flows seamlessly from one project to another. We move quickly to the next project without wasting any time in the quoting and approval process. This means work gets to you faster.

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            Tom Ahern Copywriter

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            RACHEL MUIR  Keynote Speaker and Founder, League of Extraordinary Fundraisers

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