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From our 1/5/23 Webinar 🤖 Fundraising and AI: What You Should Know, Do, and Avoid Right Now

Video Replay - Here is a shortened version of the webinar (22 minutes) . . . snappy and efficient!


Video Replay - Original Webinar Recording (75 minutes) . . . all the things!


Download the slides here (PDF)

Links for AI Tools

  1. ChatGPT: a powerful chatbot built on GPT-3/5 that you can use for brainstorming, researching, interviewing, synthesizing, drafting, and revising, among other things. 
  2. OpenAI Playground: an AI very similar to ChatGPT, built on GPT-3, that allows for more flexibility and customization.
  3. Stable Diffusion 2: a powerful text-to-image AI that is free and open source. 
  4. DALL-E 2: a text-to-image AI similar to Stable Diffusion 2, but some monthly limits are imposed in the free model.
  5. Artbreeder: an AI art generation site featuring tools such as "collager" and "splicer."
  6. Prompt Extend: with this AI, you can type in a prompt and the AI will add to it, making it longer and more likely to produce good images. Simply copy the extended prompt text results and paste them in Stable Diffusion 2, DALL-E 2 or any other text-to-image AI.
  7. CLIP Interrogator: an AI that allows you to upload an already created AI-generated image and get back a text prompt that might have produced that image. This is useful for when you want an AI-generated image that looks similar to one you've found. Take the text prompt the AI gives you and change the wording with your own description.
  8. Mailmeteor Subject Line Tester: a site that can rate your subject lines and produce AI-generated alternatives, also rated.
  9. Runway ML: a powerful web-based video editor with AI tools such green background, background removal, object removal, motion tracking, and audio cleaning.
  10. No Code AI Art tools: at the top of the page, click "apps" to jump to a section that contains a collection of links for more AI tools you might want to try. 

Links for Suggested Reading

  1. Think text to image is cool? (Twitter thread) 
  2. Generative AI: autocomplete for everything

Definitions from the Webinar

LLM = large language model

OpenAI = corporation est. 2015; now capped for profit; created GPT & DALL-E

GPT = generative pre-trained transformer

ChatGPT = an AI chatbot built on GPT 3.5 (175 billion parameters) 

API = application programming interface

open source =  source code made freely available for modification and distribution

model = algorithm + data + training

prompt = text input to prompt a response from an AI

prompt engineering = text input optimized for desired results

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