Appeal Letter Pack

Channel: Direct Mail

Audience: African Mission Healthcare (AMH) donors 

AboutThis appeal highlights the urgent need for equipment and supplies for a new birthing center opening at an AMH partner hospital in Uganda. It shares the stories of Elizabeth, a young expectant mother, and two dedicated healthcare professionals, Sister Dr. Priscilla and Sister Dr. Margaret. The appeal features a detailed list of specific medical equipment needs, from baby weighing machines to electrosurgery equipment, allowing donors to see the tangible impact of their contributions.

Donors are invited to make a gift, which will be doubled through matching funds, to provide vital support for vulnerable mothers and babies. By contributing to these needs, donors become part of a compassionate community, offering hope and a lifeline to expectant mothers in Uganda — ensuring that every mother and baby has the chance for a healthy, hopeful future.

Pack Includes: 4-page letter, 2-page lift note, reply coupon, reply envelope (not shown), and outer envelope.

Results: Donors responded very well to this appeal! It achieved its goal of securing the needed medical equipment for the new birthing center.



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