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Four ways to turn a donor maybe into a YES!

Fishing. Maybe you hate it, maybe you love it. (Maybe it's not even on your sonar.)

Regardless, in fundraising, a fishing metaphor can be helpful.

For example, "The one that got away..."

man holding big fish that gets away

Your donors are not fish, I know. (Blech!) You don't "catch them" against their will or any other such fishy thing. You offer them a giving opportunity, and they want to help.

Still, the above GIF is meant to stick in your mind to help you remember...

4 ways to turn a donor maybe . . . into a YES!

When donors are ready to give but have not yet completed a donation, that's a "soft yes." It's like a maybe.

To turn the donor maybe into a YES!, pay special attention to your reply device, home page, and donation page.

Here's how:

  1. Make your reply device full page
  2. Include donor details on your reply device
  3. Remember: "Upper Right, Big and Bright"
  4. Minimize your donation form fields


If at all possible: Create a reply device that's a full page. This will allow you to...

  • use a bigger font (more donations)
  • include more white space (more donations)
  • include more persuasive copy (more donations)
  • include additional info (more monthly givers, bequests, etc.)


If at all possible: Don't make your donors write their info on the reply device.

This takes time they might not have (no donation) – and it could lead to legibility issues (bad data, headaches).

Your donors are already in your database. You have their data . . . so use it on the reply device!


If at all possible: Include a large, bold, and preferably red "DONATE" button in the upper right corner of your home page.

Eye tracking research shows that this is prime screen real estate. It should include your most important Call to Action (which, for most orgs, is: DONATE).

One way to remember this is with the catch phrase:

"Upper Right, Big and Bright"


If at all possible: Minimize the number of fields on your donation form.

The more hoops donors have to jump through, the more likely they will give up in frustration (no donation).

Ask yourself, "Do we really need to include all of these questions?"

All together now, in an . . .

Infographic Snapshot

In case it might help, here's a summary of all of the above in infographic form:

infographic showing 4 ways to turn a donor maybe into a yes

For more images like thisvisit our infographics page.

(And feel free to use any of our images as you see fit.)


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